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‘Over-Nite sensation’
DiscReet/ WBro’s records.
Original First pressing on the Disc Reet label. This one is a CND pressing . NM.

A child’s imagination is a gift of nature. Mine was wild, and it didn’t help that a used to sit an listen to this album a lot more intensely then my patents might have thought I was. It sunk in Like water to a sponge. And not just the crazy story’s, lyrics, and meaning, which I obviously had zero concept of , it was the music!!! The punishing guitar rifts! The flashy drums of Ralph Humphrey! The speedy brilliant arrangements on the brass! But! As a kid! It was that more than perfect timing, melodic and stunning sounds of Ruth Underwood ( underrated) Vibraphone.
Ahh what I wouldn’t give to have been a fly on the wall during Franks now famous and public recording sessions.
Sure , 100% musical genius in every possible aspect imaginable. There is nothing on this Album that falls short of making it a compleat work of art,
Cheers Frank, and cheers the often over looked and underrated players that called themselves the Mothers. Tonight, I offer the #vinyligclub this dish. Enjoy,

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