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The holly grail of the mighty Nineties. Extremely ( near impossible to find) such a limited run and Pressing, way way under 20,000 in all of North America, (remember, it was CD craze time)
Capitol records,
Original, 1992 first US pressing.
For @paulrehm and this weeks #vinyparty.

My kid brother and I had an Agreement, he buys the CD, and I buy the Vinyl. Always worked out well, except this time.
One day JJ, ( my brother) comes home and says hey man! Check out this band, Blind Mellon, all over MTV with the smash hit ( No- Rain) I was like are you kidding? This is amazing!! I was hooked. Boom. Massive fan. Changed my life. Shannon Hoon was a massive Dead head, and he is the ONLY reason I started searching for Dead Albums.
( different story all together)
Well, I never did find this Album on Vinyl. It just didn’t exist , even then. I’m glad I own it now, and it’s close to one of my more valuable albums, and even thou I was PISSED that I didn’t get the Re-issue on RSD, I’m awfully glad I Have a NM cover and Wax original. When Shannon died, I was heart broken. I was lucky enought to have seen him and the boys play 3 times. I’ll never forget the time he pissed on the Vancover front row because they were hounding him to play ‘No Rain’ haha, talk about balls. With a career that started with back up vocals for Guns and Roses, ‘No Cry’ (he’s even in the video) to a drug over dose in the back of his tour van, way to short, and I promise we all lost out in some amazing music because of it, cheers SH… RIP, you are not forgotten.

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