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’ Dead set’
2 disk live Arista (distribution)
1981 original 1 US pressing
NM cover, Mint Wax.

Story time. My Love affaire with the Dead, didn’t happen over night. Often exposed to their music over the Years, mainly because I Grew up in the heavily Vietnam draft dodger area of South Eastern British Columbia, meaning full of Coal Miners, pot growers and Dead Heads.
I had given every studio album a solid go threw, and it essentially was not sticking. Then on day, I grabbed this CD, and under a star lit sky, in 1992, it hit me like a strange drug. I was hooked. All this time, I needed to hear this Band live. That was it man, I dropped my Seattle grunge band, and moved into an avenue of playing, (musician wise) and all my tastes changed. When I look back, it was the single most important change in my life Artistically. When Jerry Garcia Died in 2005, I couldn’t deal with it. He was the biggest influence on me personally, my music , my band, and my direction.
If you are debating checking out the hype behind this MASSIVE monster movement, and life style, then I would honestly recommend with all my heart, with all I am, buy this Album first, and the Doors will open to a wonderful 35 (Jerry years) of non-stop live Albums, studio albums, movements, story’s, style, and all around life altering lyrics. Remember, the Dead, were not hippies. They were genius and truly movement directors.
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