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March 2011. March 2014 
The Coal Creek Boys are Three Years old today.
Holly Shit, what started as a side project from our Rock band, has turned into a full on life,

500+ shows,
67,876 albums sold, ( digital, Cd, and vinyl)
More miles than we can count,
Two Full length albums,
78546 bottles of Jack and Jim Beam, thousands of tears, smiles, heartache, goals met, sacrifices..

And we haven’t even started yet,

A massive MASSIVE , thank you to all of you all over this little world , UK, USA, Germany, Canada, for supporting us, helping us, and most of all, becoming friends with us,

Keep your stick on the Ice, we sure the hell ain’t quitting this Game yet,

The Coal Creek Boys.


NBLP 7001 
Original 1st
February 18th 1974 US pressing.
40 Years ago today, this New York band brought theatrics to Rock and Roll to entirely different level. Operatic costumes, and thundering Rock and Roll. I personally have yet to meet anyone who HAS, seen Kiss Live not find some unknown love for them.
It ain’t poetic, it’s nothing bind boggling, it’s just Rock and roll, blood and guts, but most of just fun.
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Capitol Records
Original September 22, 1993 First US Pressing.
I guess I felt compelled to post them back to back.
Blind Mellon
In 1990, lead singer Shannon Hoon moved from Indiana to Los Angeles, California. Soon afterwards he met guitarist Rogers Stevens and bassist Brad Smith, both Mississippi natives They began playing together and soon recruited a second guitarist, Christopher Thorn. The foursome then looked for a drummer in the local are then Stevens and Smith eventually persuaded drummer Glen Graham from Mississippi to come and join the band.

After Blind Melon recorded a four song demo called The Goodfoot Workshop, Capitol Records became interested and signed them in 1991 although they never released the band’s demo as an EP. Blind Melon then collaborated with producer David Briggs to put together their first EP titled The Sippin’ Time Sessions. However, the record was not released . It was during this time Hoon met up with fellow Indiana native and Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose. Rose had given Hoon the opportunity to sing backup vocals on on Use Your Illusion I hit single “Don’t Cry”

In late 1991, Blind Melon decided to leave Los Angeles to record its debut album since they felt the city did not reflect their music style. A Capitol Records music manager had suggested they retreat to Chapel Hill, North Carolina was attractive to the band because of its “good music scene”, however they could not find an affordable house big enough there for them and their equipment.The band eventually rented a house in Durham, North Carolina. And this Album, full of Grateful Dead jams, twists and turns of Southern Rock was born.

Capitol Records
Original 1st USA 1995 pressing
NM cover
NM wax
Compleat with Book and OG liner notes.
The rarest album of the 1990’s ( vinyls dark ages) and my longest hunt for a USA pressing. I sold my UK pressing last year because I was not happy with it’s condition, and it was not complete.
Shannon Hoon, and the Band, were untouchable. They were so unique that no one before or after has EVER had the sound and original Flow that Blind Melon Had. It’s just untouchable. This was a BAND. In the truest sense and meaning of the word. “band” it was not just Shannon that made them shine, it was all of them. The loss of Shannon was more than a blow to me, I had had enough of musicians I Loved passing away to young, and I had lost Jerry that year, Shannon Hoon, Kurt, and all the bands before.
What can I thank Shannon for? Making me clean up my issues before taking the Road as my life.
Again, no one before, and no one After will ever be, as great and as Unique as Blind Mellon. Fact.
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