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#Repost from @cw_records —- well here it is, our very first 45, what an Honour!!!! Jon and The crew did an Amazing job, and we are so excited about this!! A few things about this album,
It contains two Brand new singles, never before released, recorded live off the floor in our new studio, ( a 112 year old a church)
The tracks are drenched in the Natural reverb, and sounds of the Building itself.
Now, just to be clear, they are not Country music, ( hence my name with the band) just to set it aside from our next LP, ( which is Outlaw)
You can order them right now, as we are 100% wanting all@our friends and fellow Vinyl collectors to get them before anyone else.
Please help us get this new Label off the Ground, and order !! Best regards, and Many thanks! - John Ladies and Gents…the very first Classic Waxxx vinyl release is now available for pre-order!!!! Featuring two new tracks from John Paul Smith & @coalcreekboys on 7” red vinyl, limited numbered edition of 300 with download card and hand printed jacket for $15 (plus shipping). Those who pre-order will also get a few extra goodies, too!!! (Scheduled ship date on or before Sept. 20, 2014.) Available at Trust me, you’ll see and hear all the hard work that has gone into bringing you guys and gals this first release. :) And if it’s not too much to ask, please help spread the word!!! Thanks a million! -Jonathon #thecoalcreekboys #vinyl #vinyligclub #vinylparty #vinylrecords #vinyljunkie #vinyladdiction #vinyladdict #recordrelease #vinylpreorder #music #altcountry #countrymusic #recordlabel #recordcompany #recordcollection #45rpm #7inchsingle #screenprinting #printmaking #handmade #sneakpeek #behindthescenes #classicwaxxx #classicwaxxxrecords #spreadtheword #thankful

Epic Records
QE- 38112 BL-38112 1/A
Original 1st CND gatefold pressing
What can you truly say about this album, and Micheal?
We all watched him slowly fall apart under the pressers. We judged, laughed, shook our heads, yet we bought the albums, and help sell out his concerts year after year world wide in recoded breaking time. Some of us never forgot that Micheal was thrown into this life, from childhood, and somehow, his pure talent and brilliance musically, overpowered his constant public demise. We saw his face change from year to year, until he slowly became the ‘man behind the mask’ ,
And when he finally fell from glory, we, the world , and music community, stopped what we were doing and thought about it all. What I learned from Micheal was a few important things. One, the Biggest, is that you can’t become this big with out , First of all, Sure Pure, raw and massive Talent, secondly , you can’t have this level of talent, and also have a normal existence. Impossible. And lastly what I learned from Micheal, was this, he was stronger than any other Pop star before or after, as he, managed to survive as long as he did, somehow, and sometimes Hardly, where are all others before and after him failed so miserably. Micheal lasted 5 decades at the very very peak of the Top, the demands were beyond reasonable, and his strength , is somehow , even thou it was fragile at times , ( until he was on stage, for there he was a MONSTER of performance) one of the Biggest selling albums of all time,
A tip of the Hat to Micheal, you are missed Brother. May you finally rest and find that comfort now.
Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

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Well some ‘new’ news, I will be releasing a new album under my own given name , John Smith, with in the next few months, it’s an honest album, with a mixture of indie, Folk, and country Roots, songs like Trophy Wife, Ruined, and many more, the United States will be the main target and Touring area. So if ya know some clubs and agents, let me know, excited for a solo adventure, and get to meet some new friends and hang out with my US blood relatives
All my best. - JP #coalcreekboys #altcountry

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